The next “big thing”

It seems like I’m always looking forward to the next “big thing” in life. When I was in middle school I couldn’t wait until I turned 16 so I could get my driver’s license. In high school, I couldn’t wait to graduate and be done with school. After graduation, I couldn’t wait to go off to college. When I went to college my freshman year, I couldn’t wait for summer break. When I went back to college, I couldn’t wait to graduate.

In high school people continuously reminded me to not wish my time in high school away. They told me that graduation day would be there before I knew it and that I should enjoy the time I had instead of always focusing on what’s to come. I honestly didn’t believe them. I felt like my high school graduation day would never come.
But it did…and the time leading up to that day flew by! Before I knew it I was going off to college.

Looking back, I wish I wouldn’t have wished that time away. I wish I would’ve enjoyed every moment. I can never get those days back. I squelched so many opportunities that God had for me during those times because I was so focused on what event was going to happen next in my life.

Recently, God opened my eyes to the fact that here I am (this time, in college) doing the same exact thing. Rather than enjoying the stage of life I’m in and taking advantage of the opportunities God has given me, I keep wishing time would hurry up so I can “get on with my life.” People say that college years are some of the best years of your life and yet I’m going through each day wishing it would fly by. I see my friends getting engaged, getting married, graduating college, and starting families and I can’t help but think “man, I wish it was my turn.”
On Saturday I went to a meeting where someone spoke on being content and blooming where God has planted you. That night I was reading in Philippians 4 and when I came to verse 11 it hit me…I am not a content person.  I struggle immensely with being content.

I’m praying that God will help me to be content. I want to enjoy every moment that God gives me, and I don’t want to wish it away. Eventually, it will be my turn. That day will probably get here before I know it. But until that time, I want to enjoy every day to the fullest and seek out opportunities to serve God with all that I have.

I should enjoy the time I have to date my best friend without constantly focusing on engagement or marriage just because a lot of my other friends are doing it.
I should enjoy every day I have in college without thinking about graduating and getting on with my life.
I should work hard in every avenue of my schoolwork and take it seriously so that one day I can be the best nurse I possibly can be to the glory of God.
I should cherish the precious time I get to spend with my family and not take it for granted, because life is short and we’re not guaranteed tomorrow.
I should live for God every single day because He gave His own Son so I could live.

I want to be content in whatever circumstance I’m in.
I want to bloom where I’ve been planted.
I want God to use me.

Philippians 4:11b “…For I have learned in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content.”

1 thought on “The next “big thing”

  1. Hmmm sounds like something your mama’s been trying to tell you too! Don’t worry I’ve been there and look at what an old lady I am already! Times goes by so fast and when we focus on other things we miss what God has in store for us at that moment….love you

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