Week 2

January 8th- Went out to eat and downtown with my mom and sister after church to take pictures!

January 9th- Flomar. Again.

January 9th (I just had to do two pictures for this day because it was my last day at home)- Meet Roxy. She is the best dog ever.

January 10th- We drove back up to school all day. Fun roadtrip-- took this as we drove through Atlanta.

January 11th- Got all my books and ready to get this semester rolling!

January 12th- The first day of classes! I'm going to cling to this promise this semester.

January 13th- Took my roommate out for her birthday! Two of my all-time favorite places!

January 14th- My new addiction and favorite drink! -- (Naked Green Machine)

Well, tomorrow begins the first full week of classes for this semester. As overwhelmed and stressed as I am already there’s still plenty of reasons I’m stoked about this semester:
1: After this semester I’ll be in clinicals!
2: I know that I have an awesome family who is supporting me and sacrificing so I can be in college and I want to do my best to make them proud.
3: God is going to teach me so much about Himself this semester as I continue to realize my own inadequacies and lean on His strength to get me through each day.
4: I have an incredible boyfriend who is by my side every day encouraging me to do my best and glorify God in all that I do.
5: I’m taking a photography class that I’m beyond excited about. (It’s at 8 am, but I don’t mind)
6:  We have the SUMMER to look forward to when it’s all over!!

I have a feeling I’ll be reminding myself of those 6 facts constantly this semester in order to stay focused when I just feel like giving up.


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