365 project– fail.

Well, it was fun while it lasted.

I was doing GREAT at keeping up with the picture a day project…….for all of 5 weeks. Bummer. I really enjoy taking pictures and stuff and I thought I’d have no problem taking a picture a day but the truth is, I just couldn’t keep up with posting them once a week. I kept telling myself “Oh, I will just post a few weeks worth of pictures next week.” Well now we’re 19 weeks and 4 days into this year and let’s just say there is not way on earth I am going to post all the pictures to make up for those weeks I missed. Major props to EVERYONE who has successfully completed the 365 project. Maybe I’ll tackle it another year.

Well, on a brighter note….

  • I’m done with my sophomore year of college and home for summer break!
  • I got accepted into the nursing program and will be starting clinicals in the fall
  • I’m working like crazy this summer
  • My sister is leaving for her trip to Europe in 32 days (she’s beyond excited for that– who wouldn’t be excited to spend 19 days traveling all around Europe?!)
  • For the next 3 months, my life will not be consumed with schoolwork and studying!

Time to relax and enjoy summer break…