Pregnancy update: 30 weeks

Only about 10 more weeks until we meet our little girl!! Wow.

“Welcome to your third trimester.” When my doctor excitedly said those words at my appointment last week I just froze. I sat there with a huge smile on my face and I had to let the words sink in before they finally registered. THIRD TRIMESTER ALREADY! Unbelievable. When you’re so busy with work and school or other daily activities it’s easy to let time slip right past you. I can’t believe I’m already 30 weeks pregnant. I thought women who were seven months pregnant were supposed to feel unbearably uncomfortable, exhausted, not able to hold their bladder for more than 30 minutes, brace their backs as they waddle with every step, and have swollen ankles/feet the size of a watermelon (okay, slight exaggeration). Instead, I feel GREAT. Yes, I know I have another couple of months to go and those symptoms will most likely hit me very soon, but for now I’m feeling wonderful. I’ve been going on walks, hiking, fishing with Gus, spending time with friends, and working 20+ hours a week.

Here’s a little update:
– We moved into a 2 bedroom duplex! We love it. It’s much nicer than our tiny one-bedroom apartment and it’s the perfect home to start our family in. Oh, and our next door neighbors are awesome. It’s really cool to see the little ways God provides for us.
– Cravings lately: just fruit, really. Watermelon, strawberries, blueberries – you name it. But if you know me well you know that I love fruit a lot already, so that’s nothing too new. Oh and chick-fil-a. (Their grilled chicken sandwich is amazing). Nothing too weird or crazy. The funniest craving I’ve had throughout the entire pregnancy was when for about a month straight I craved blue (and ONLY blue) powerade/gatorade. We would even make special trips out to stock up on it!
– I’ve gained 9 pounds so far. The new goal is 20. Someone come over and eat donuts with me.
– We are going to Florida at the end of June! We cannot wait to see our families!!
– The #1 comment I hear from people is “Wow, you hardly even look pregnant.” or “You don’t look that far along!” Well gee, thanks. I really am. I’m sure soon I’ll hear comments regarding the exact opposite like, “You look like you’re ready to pop!” It’s funny how when you’re pregnant, EVERYONE (including complete strangers) has an opinion on just about everything.
– Our little girl’s crib, dresser, and changing table are here thanks to my amazing mom! Grandma is doing a great job of spoiling her little granddaughter already! We are so excited to put everything together and continue working on her nursery!
– Baby kicks me ALL the time. I love it. She’s especially active at night and early in the morning. It has gotten to the point where I can just look down and watch my belly as it moves.

Pregnancy is an incredible thing. There’s something I want to make 100% clear. There is a HUGE difference in not necessarily planning on having a baby and not wanting to have a baby. Those are two COMPLETELY different things. Some people I’ve talked to don’t seem to understand that. Like I said, when you’re pregnant a lot of people offer their opinions, even when they are completely irrelevant and you may not want to hear them. To be completely and totally honest with you – there are a lot of those opinions and harsh comments which have really hurt me and I’ve had to learn to start letting those types of comments go in one ear and out the other. That being said, I want it to be perfectly clear that although Gus and I did not necessarily plan on having a baby so soon, we are beyond excited and grateful that we are going to be parents and we would not change a single thing! God obviously had a greater plan for our lives than we had for ourselves and now we could not ever imagine our lives any other way. This baby is the most precious gift and I am so excited to be her mommy!

Baby bump at 29 weeks

Baby bump at 29 weeks


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