Paisley Grace: 8 months

Every month I think to myself, “This is the best age yet.”
Then… the next month comes along and I find myself loving that next age even more than the last.

At 8 months old she:
– Has FOUR teeth! Two on the bottom and two on the top! Those 4 teeth make her sweet smile that much more adorable. (Unfortunately, she loves to grind her teeth and that just drives her mommy and daddy crazy)
– Says “Mama” and “Baba” – we figured out that she calls Gus “Baba” instead of “Dada.” On April 13th, I had the day off so Paisley and I spent the entire day together. She did not say “Baba” at all throughout the day. As soon as Gus got home that evening, all she said was “Baba” when she saw him!! It’s hilarious.
– Smiles all the time. Seriously though, I mean it. This little girl is almost always happy – even when she had a double ear infection AND a sinus infection. She’s a tough one!
– Is a chunky monkey – she weighs 18 pounds!! She’s in the 69th percentile for weight – (when she was born, she was in the 1st percentile)
– Is starting to get to that age where she doesn’t really want to be held by strangers (especially if she can’t see that her mommy & daddy are close by).
– Weighs 6-9 month clothes (mostly 9 months nowadays) and size 3 diapers! Wow…I feel like yesterday she was wearing premie clothes & diapers.
– Hasn’t quite figured out how to crawl yet, but she gets into the crawling position and rocks back and forth, moves backwards, and spins in a circle. She’s getting close!
– LOVES to swing. I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before.  It is her favorite thing to do. She just laughs and laughs. I can’t even tell you how many pictures I have of our sweet girl swinging! We recently moved and we have a huge park across the street from where we live with lots and lots of swings to play in. Let’s just say there will be lots of visits to that park.
– Had a great first Easter holiday! She woke up to her first Easter basket filled with goodies, went to church and played in the nursery with a new friend, and we all had supper with some great friends of ours in Greenville and their family! We had a wonderful time!
– Claps all the time, likes to stick her tongue out, waves “bye-bye” and gives kisses! (Well, they are her version of kisses, anyway. She makes a fish face and makes the lip-smacking noise)
– Hates cuddling. She will not let anyone (including me or her daddy) pick her up and just cuddle her. The closest she will come to cuddling is when I have a day off and I let her sleep in the bed with me after Gus leaves for work. Other than that, not a chance!
– Still eats her baby food like a champ! She also loves to snack on puffs and has started eating some soft, small pieces of regular food. She tried mashed potatoes and beans on Easter Sunday!
– Has finally learned how to roll over without her boots and bar on!! (She started doing this on April 13th!) Now that she figured out how to roll – that’s how she gets from place to place! She loves to roll all around the house.
– Absolutely must be holding her rubber ducky during bath time every night. If she doesn’t have her duck in her hands she freaks out.
– Likes other babies and kids. This is kind of a given since she’s been going to daycare since she was 3 weeks old..but it’s so cute to watch her laugh & smile at other kids when we go to the park and just be so intrigued by whatever they’re doing!
– Is still such a daddy’s girl. When Gus comes home from work he gets the biggest smiles and laughs out of Miss Paisley!
– Is a very messy eater (hence the sweet potatoes on her face in her 8 month pictures!)
IMG_1177 IMG_1172 IMG_1171 IMG_1170 IMG_1182 IMG_1194 IMG_1201 IMG_1217 IMG_1200 IMG_1206IMG_1277IMG_1273IMG_1271 IMG_1252 IMG_1263 IMG_1294 IMG_1296 IMG_1297 IMG_1298Paisley, you bring so much joy into our lives each day. We love you.
Happy 8 months of life, little one!


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