Days with my Pais

I was talking with friends at work the other day about how sassy and funny Paisley is! They mentioned that I needed to be keeping a record of all of the funny things she says! I thought that was a great idea. These days we spent together and funny moments are ones I wish I could remember forever, but life gets busy and I’m worried that one day I won’t be able to remember some of the hilarious things she says and precious memories we’ve shared together. I plan on putting together a weekly recap each week… more for my own record, but if you’re reading this it’s also for your enjoyment & entertainment as well, I guess!

So, here are some fun little things that happened at the end of this past week…

7/8/16:  12-hour shifts are long. They are especially longer for our little girl. She goes to the daycare at my work, so her day starts at 5:30 AM or earlier and then she’s there until 7:30 PM or later.  Today was day 4 in a row, and Paisley was exhausted and let everybody know it. Usually when she wakes up, she’s in the sweetest mood ever and says, “Hi momma, Hi daddy!” But not on day 4….When we turned on her light in the morning she did NOT want to wake up and just kept rubbing her eyes saying “Eyes, momma, my eyes momma.” She kept trying to go back to sleep. When I called to check on her at daycare her teacher told me that she kept saying, “Eyes, eyes.” Her teacher asked Paisley if her eyes hurt and she said, “No.” Then, her teacher said, “Paisley are you sleepy?” And she said, “Mhm, eyes.” Apparently she wouldn’t put her night-night (blanket) down and then went to her cubby saying, “Paci, please.” You know she took a good nap!!

7/9/16: Today, we took Paisley to see The Secret Life of Pets with our friends Taylor and Victoria. As we pulled up to the movie theater, she started yelling, “Dory!!!” Gus and I thought it was hilarious because last time she went to the movie theater with us, she saw Finding Dory and so she was very excited about going back to the movies… we had to explain to her several times that she wasn’t going to see Finding Dory. The movie was really cute, Paisley loved the movie (despite the terrified look on her face in the picture below)…and she especially loved the popcorn.

Later that night, we went to our favorite little coffee shop. It’s one we’ve been to countless times. This time our good friend Daniel came with us! As we sat at the table, my almost two-year old just smiles and says, “Coffee. Coffee, mom.” I couldn’t believe she said it and then, of course, we all couldn’t stop laughing. Our little coffee lover. She’s a girl after her momma’s own heart.

No, that’s not coffee in her cup. It’s chocolate milk 🙂 

7/10/16: I work a second job from home. It involves me sitting at my laptop and typing like a madwoman. Today, Paisley got her little toy laptop and crawled up onto the couch and sat down right next to me. She opened up her little laptop, looked at me, and just started “typing” away as fast as her little fingers would go.

Every day is a new adventure with Paisley. Can’t wait to see what this week has in store!

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