Grant Theodore: 2 months

2 months already?! Wow, hard to believe. Thankfully, I get to spend another couple of weeks at home with this sweet boy and his big sister before I have to go back to work.
At TWO months old he:
– Weighs 10 lbs, 5 oz and is 25 inches long
– Has started intentionally smiling…on his terms, of course! He smiles mostly at his mommy and Paisley Grace! It’s the cutest thing!
– Has started sleeping for about 4-5 hours straight every night!
– Got to meet his Papa finally!! He came to visit for the weekend, and we couldn’t be more excited!
– Is wearing size 1 diapers
– Went into nursery at church and has also started going to nursery at the gym while mommy & daddy exercise!
– Has started wearing 0-3 month clothes! (He can still squeeze into some newborn outfits though!)
– LOVES mornings, his paci, cuddling, eating, being swaddled & bathtime
– Got a special visit from his friends from California who loved on him and gave him lots of extra cuddles while they were here!
– Started to really work on his head control, and he’s getting better and stronger every day!
– Has decided that he needs to be held at all times. He hates being put down whether it’s in his crib, swing, mamaroo, or pack and play. He loves to be worn around in the baby carrier. He is the polar opposite of Paisley at this age. She would be content pretty much anywhere and enjoyed her “alone time” in a swing or crib… he just won’t have it.
– Thinks his big sister is the funniest person ever. He laughs & smiles at her when she gets in his face and says in a high-pitched voice, “How you doing, baby brudder?!”
– Has discovered his little hands and is always trying to eat them!


You bring so much joy to our little family, Grant.
Happy two months of life, buddy!!

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