Grant Theodore: 1 month

Our sweet boy is already one month old! I’m so thankful I have time off of work to soak in these precious moments with my babies. IMG_9987

At one month old he:
– Loves to eat!
– Likes to stare at his big sister as she talks to him in a super high-pitched voice
– Always wants to be held & cuddled. He’s such a little cuddle bug!
– Wears size 1 diapers and still in newborn clothes
– Got to meet his grandparents and LOTS of his cousins and aunts & uncles while on his first vacation in Pigeon forge, Tennessee
– Loves his bathtime and always makes the cutest little face with his right hand under his chin during every bath
– Got to spend time with his Mimi Sparkles and Aunt Kassidy when he first came home from the hospital
– Went to his first wedding reception when he was a week old… he was so good!
– Is such a mommy’s boy! When he can’t get settled all he wants is his mommy and I just love it (Paisley is a daddy’s girl through and through, always has been and I hope she always will be)
–  Tries to hold his little head up for several seconds at a time
– LOVES being outside and going on walks in the stroller
– Doesn’t like dairy… mommy had to cut it out of her diet 😦
– Has the nicknames “Buddy” (from Paisley) and “Granty”



Big sister had to jump in for a picture!